The Homesteader
MAKE + model
2022 Ford Transit
VAN specs
- 3.5L EcoBoost V6
- All-Wheel Drive
- Extended Body
- High Roof
Premium features such as a state of the art electrical system, efficient amenities, and the most comprehensive insulation system on the market make the Homesteader one of the most dynamic dwelling-vehicles in production today. Our flagship model provides all of the comforts of home, scaled into a drivable platform with all of the power and charging capabilities you would ever need with life on the road. Just grab your clothes, pack the fridge, and jump in the van, because we’ve thought of everything else!

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The Homesteader – Full Build Specs

Mascoat Insulation Coating
-Water based, spray on coating
-Reduces heat transfer, keeping interior temperature consistent

Havelock Wool Insulation
-Healthy, high performance insulation
-Moisture managing 

Aluminum Interior Framing 
-Space saving
-Weight Saving
Empava 1800W Induction Stove
- Two Burner Cooktop- No Fire, No Fumes

Vitrifrigo All-In-One Refrigerator/Freezer
-5.3 Cubic Feet
-Easy access to everything, without emptying the refrigerator!
-Change configurations:
    Fridge/Freezer - Fridge/Fridge - Freezer/Freezer

Slide-Out Expanding Shower

Thetford Cassette Toilet
-Manageable, no fuss clean outs
-Multiple Disposal Options

Folding Murphy Bed

Double Access Sink
-Usable from outside of van-Integrated, removable countertop to maximize usable space

Fold-Out Counter Tops
-Extra space only when you need it

Dining Room/Living Area

Rear Garage
-Storage for Surfboards, Skis, Bikes, etc.
-Misc. under-bench storage
VanLifeTech “Whole House” Heating
- Two Stage Hydronic Heating System   
    Stage 1: Radiant Floor Heat   
    Stage 2: Fan Coil Heat
- Gas consumption: 0.07 to 0.16 gallons
- Power consumption: 30 -100 watts per hour
- Approx. 17000 BTU, more than double the heating than conventional van heaters

Cruise N Comfort Air Conditioner
-Power Consumption:
   High Blower Speed: 49 nominal amps
    Medium Blower Speed: 47 nominal amps
    Low Blower Speed: 42 nominal amps
-Quiet undermount fans provide space for more solar on the roof

MaxxAir Fan Deluxe
-Electric Roof Fan
-Integrated rain cover and bug screen

Dometic Mini Heki Skylight
-Integrated Black-out Curtain and Bug screen
Solaria Power XT 400W
-400W high power residential solar panel
-800W total output
-Lightest solar panel per square foot
-Pure Black™ technology
-20%+ efficiency
-Enhanced shade performance

Lithionics 12V 315AH GTX Battery
All the Volts, All the Amps, All the time!
- 12V, 945 AH total capacity
-NeverDie Battery Management Technology
-Fraction of the size of other Lithium Batteries
-Bluetooth compatible to track usage

Victron Multiplus II 3000W Inverter
-New Smaller Size-Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation
-PowerControl and PowerAssist
-Remote configuring and monitoring
-Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation

Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller
Victron BMV712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor
Victron GX Touch 50
Sterling BB Charger
4- 120V Outlets

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