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Our growing network of industry partners allows us to serve a wide range of consumer needs, from full build projects, to installation and repairs, to component sales. We are a proud dealer and installer for a number of USA and international companies who make high-quality components for camper vans and RVs. Working with the best OEM's and suppliers helps us ensure that we are always delivering a superior product and staying ahead of the latest developments.


Havelock Wool Insulation

Moisture + climate control
Sound absorbing
All natural – No off-gassing
Fire resistant

LizardSkin OEM

Thin ceramic insulation coating
Heat insulation + sound control
Increase interior comfort without losing space or adding weight

8020 Extruded Aluminum

T-Slot Extruded Aluminum used for framing in all ECVB van conversions
Superior strength and impressive weight savings

Avid CNC

Reduced waste
Increased accuracy
Integrated digital-to-physical workflow
Increased speed and efficiency of production
Allows our craftspeople to focus their efforts where it's most needed

Electrical + solar

Victron Energy

Best in class components including inverters, batteries, digital monitoring systems, DC-to-DC Charging, and more

Just Roaming Design

Just Roaming provides systems designs for our power systems
Experts in off-grid energy for van builds

Solaria Solar

20% more power than traditional panels
More power in the shade
Eliminates common failure points

Lithionics Battery

Compact size
Battery monitoring via Bluetooth app
“Highest Energy Density 12 Volt Battery In the World”
Used by trusted companies from Winnebago to Disney to Space X

Exterior Mods


The original van bump-out panels
Maximize your van interior
Sleep Sideways: Fits a bed up to ~80” widthwise!

Tern Overland Windows

Awning style windows
Dual-pane acrylic windows provide superior insulation
Built in shade and screen

RRE Global

SCA Pop Top Roofs: Create extra sleeping space without compromising the use of the vehicle
Supplier for a wide variety of van conversion parts and accessories


Lift + level system
Adjustable shocks
Dramatically improve your ride quality


Cruise N Comfort AC

12V split system air conditioners
Same construction materials as marine and military units
Extremely efficient, operates directly from batteries
Ideal for harsh environments


Marine grade double drawer fridge/freezer
Each drawer temperature can be individually controlled

Laveo by Dry Flush

100% Odorless
ZERO chemicals, ZERO water
Fully portable & rechargeable
No holding tank to clean
Easy maintenance

Espar Heaters

Maximal comfort and performance
Minimal noise
Engineered for extreme conditions and high altitudes

Rixen's Heating Systems

Hydronic heating system provides air heating, water heating, engine heating, and heated floors


Leading, global manufacturer and supplier of highly engineered products for the RV and Marine industry
Euroloft and Happijac bed lift systems


Manual and automatic awnings
Optional privacy enclosure
Strong reinforced articulated arms

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