Process - Procedures - Products

Tear Down + Wiring

We start by removing unnecessary factory parts, rearranging the factory wiring, and turning your van into a build-ready canvas.


We apply Mascoat Insulation Coating to all our vans. This reduces noise, adds a powerful layer of thermal-bridging prevention, and protects against moisture, rust, and corrosion.

Cutting Holes

Next, we cut holes for any windows, fans, skylights, etc. that puncture the body of the van.


We use Havelock Wool as our main insulation layer. We choose Havelock because  it is an environmentally-friendly choice that suppresses mold and mildew, absorbs sound, resists fire, and won't emit any harmful chemicals into your van.

Interior Framing + Cladding

We then build an interior framing system that covers the van walls and ceiling. This holds the insulation in place, provides structure for the build and backing for the finish surfaces.

Fan + Skylight + Window Installation

We carefully install any windows, skylights, and fans included in your design, ensuring proper fit and function.

Finish Flooring, Walls, + Ceiling

We then finish out the "shell" of the interior. Get in touch to learn about the variety of woods, laminates, and other finishes we offer for your flooring, walls, and ceiling.

Under-mounted Components

We get under your vehicle to install certain heaters, air conditioners, water tanks, and propane tanks. We then connect these systems to your interior appliances through the floor.

8020 Prefab + Assembly

Our team leverages their experience in prefab architectural fabrication to produce all of your aluminum framing through a paperless design-build process.

Cabinetry + Finish Surfaces

Get in touch to learn more about the variety of hardwoods, high-quality laminates, and other materials we have to offer.

Electrical + Solar Install

We use best-in-class Solaria solar panels to provide our customers with maximum power and efficiency, even in the shade.

Plumbing Install

Next, we connect and test the plumbing systems — water heaters, pumps, sinks, showers — and ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Appliance Install

Finally, we install any appliances that are included in your build i.e. refrigerators, ovens, cooktops.