MAKE + model
2021 Ford Transit
VAN specs
- Exterior Color: Oxford White
- All-Wheel Drive
- Extended Body
- High Roof
The Forager is a custom build designed with a focus on traveling through the woods. With storage for dried herbs, foraging tools, a large water capacity, and a robust solar system, this build allows for our client to be off grid for days at a time in nature.
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The Forager – Full Build Specs

Mascoat Insulation Coating
-Water based, spray on coating
-Reduces heat transfer, keeping interior temperature consistent

Havelock Wool Insulation
-Healthy, high performance insulation
-Moisture managing 

Aluminum Interior Framing 
-Space saving
-Weight Saving
Empava 1800W Induction Stove
- Two Burner Cooktop- No Fire, No Fumes

Vitrifrigo All-In-One Refrigerator/Freezer
-5.3 Cubic Feet
-Easy access to everything, without emptying the refrigerator!
-Change configurations:
    Fridge/Freezer - Fridge/Fridge - Freezer/Freezer

Slide-Out Expanding Shower

Thetford Cassette Toilet
-Manageable, no fuss clean outs
-Multiple Disposal Options

Folding Murphy Bed

Double Access Sink
-Usable from outside of van-Integrated, removable countertop to maximize usable space

Fold-Out Counter Tops
-Extra space only when you need it

Dining Room/Living Area

Rear Garage
-Storage for Surfboards, Skis, Bikes, etc.
-Misc. under-bench storage
Espar Heater
-7500 BTU maximum output

Cruise N Comfort Air Conditioner
-Power Consumption:
   High Blower Speed: 49 nominal amps
    Medium Blower Speed: 47 nominal amps
    Low Blower Speed: 42 nominal amps
-Quiet undermount fans provide space for more solar on the roof

MaxxAir Fan Deluxe
-Electric Roof Fan
-Integrated rain cover and bug screen

Dometic Mini Heki Skylight
-Integrated Black-out Curtain and Bug screen
Solaria Power XT 400W
-400W high power residential solar panel
-Lightest solar panel per square foot
-Pure Black™ technology
-20%+ efficiency
-Enhanced shade performance

2 Lithionics 12V 315AH GTX Battery
All the Volts, All the Amps, All the time!
- 12V, 630 AH total capacity
-NeverDie Battery Management Technology
-Fraction of the size of other Lithium Batteries
-Bluetooth compatible to track usage

Victron Multiplus II 3000W Inverter
-New Smaller Size-Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation
-PowerControl and PowerAssist
-Remote configuring and monitoring
-Virtually unlimited power thanks to parallel operation

Victron SmartSolar MPPT Charge Controller
Victron BMV712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor
Victron GX Touch 50
Sterling BB Charger
4- 120V Outlets

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